Best Test Series for VITEEE Exam 2024 | VITEEE 2024 Preparation

Here's a strategy to maximize your score in the last days for VITEEE 2024.

Put High Weightage Chapters First: Give special attention to the chapters that will be tested more heavily in the VITEEE.

Pupils need to take several practice exams. This would help students understand the patterns found in the VITEEE exam paper.

Most important topics for VITEEE 2024 1.Physics: (1)Electrostatics           (2)Newton Law’s of Motion    2.Chemistry: (1)s, p, d and f-block Elements                 (2)Thermodynamics 3.Mathematics:(1)Area Under Curve                  (2)Matrices and Determinants

To guarantee that students do not overlook any subjects throughout the VITEEE in 2024, a review timeline ought to be incorporated into the study plan.

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