BITS Pilani vs VIT Vellore: Choosing the Best College for B.Tech CSE

Choosing the right college for your B.Tech CSE degree is a crucial decision.

In 2023, BITS Pilani secured the 5th spot in Engineering whereas VIT Vellore grabbed the 14th position.

BITS Pilani claims the crown with a staggering ₹4.2 crore offered in 2023. VIT Vellore follows with a still impressive ₹3.5 crore package.

BITS Pilani is pricey, costing over ₹15 lakhs a year, while VIT Vellore is easier on the wallet at ₹6-8 lakhs.

Both institutes have highly qualified and experienced faculty.

Choosing between BITS Pilani and VIT Vellore depends on your individual priorities and preferences.

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