CBSE Class 12 History Exam Analysis | Direct Link

The CBSE class 12 History exam was conducted on 29-03-2023.

Now that the exam is over, students and teachers alike are eagerly awaiting the exam analysis.

Students were seen exiting with great satisfaction on their faces. Overall, the difficulty level of the CBSE class 12 history exam was moderate.

After reviewing the paper, several experts have reported that the exam is likely to result in good marks for the students this time.

Expert Reactions

Rahul Verma expressed outside the Mayur Vihar center that the paper was quite easy and he had performed well, anticipating a score of 90% or higher.

Student Reactions

The teacher from DPS suggested that the history exam could act as a catalyst for students to score better marks this term.

Teacher's Reactions

Overall, the CBSE Class 12 History exam was moderate, with questions designed to test the understanding of concepts rather than just rote learning.

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