Class 12th Computer Science Board Exam🔥| Student Reaction | Exam Review 2024

These are some expert and student-analyzed points from the Class 12th CBSE  Computer Science 2024 paper!

The CBSE Class 12th  Computer Science Exam was held today, April 2, 2024, by the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Tanya Mathur,class 12th stated that the CBSE class 12th  Computer Science Exam 2024 paper had a moderate difficulty level.

The most crucial topics on which numerous questions were asked in CBSE Class 12th. 1. System operating systems 2. Organization of computers 3. building architecture 4. computer networks

Aman singh of CBSE class 12th: section( B) and(C) was very difficult for the exam in 2024. can be followed for more recent news and popular subjects.

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