How many questions are from organic chemistry in the JEE Mains and Advanced?

The level of complexity in the JEE Advanced exam is significantly greater when compared to the JEE Main.

JEE Main Syllabus: JEE Mains and Advanced Both exams evaluate candidates' understanding of PCM (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics).

Organic chemistry In JEE: Organic chemistry encompasses a wide and demanding area of study, yet it holds a critical role in achieving success in the JEE.

In the JEE Mains, the Chemistry segment includes 25 questions, comprising 20 MCQs and 5 numerical value-based questions.

JEE Chemistry Question: Typically, about 8-10 questions from this set pertain to the field of Organic Chemistry.

To get a better score in organic chemistry, it's a good idea to practice problems made for the IIT JEE Mains and Advanced exams.

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