How much time does it take to finish HC Verma for Jee?

H.C. Verma's Physics book is widely favoured by JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) aspirants.

Within HC Verma's book, you'll find a reasonable number of questions that strike a balance between difficulty levels.

HC Verma's book includes a crucial theory and avoids unnecessary questions, focusing on quality rather than quantity.

While HC Verma's Concepts of Physics holds significance, it alone may not suffice for achieving a high score in the JEE main exam.

Relying solely on H.C. Verma may not guarantee success in the JEE main exam; however, combining it with NCERT can enhance your performance.

If you're a student currently and it's your revision period, you can comfortably finish HC Verma 1 within a maximum of 35-45 days.

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