How to Prepare JEE  Main 2024 in the Next 2 Months?

IIT JEE Entrance Exam is India's second toughest test after UPSC. To get into the best IIT colleges, you must perform well in both IIT JEE Mains and IIT JEE Advanced.

The Physics, Chemistry, and Maths NCERT books for 11th and 12th grade are super helpful if you want to score 200+ in JEE MAINS.

Plan your revision for JEE Exam:Plan daily study time for each subject. Work on both strong and weak areas to be fully prepared in two months.

Summarize each chapter's main points for quick review. These notes will be useful for last-minute preparation before the JEE Main 2024 exam in the next two months.

Choose subject order: Decide the order of subjects during JEE preparation based on your comfort level.

Keep taking mock tests: Regularly practice with mock tests, especially as the JEE exam date approaches. This will help you get used to the online format and enhance your preparation.

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