Is FMS Delhi better than IIM?

FMS Delhi and IIM are two of the most prestigious management institutions in India.

In the NIRF 2023 rankings, IIM Ahmedabad was ranked 1st in management, while FMS Delhi was ranked 21st.

The highest package offered during the 2023 placement season was INR 1.23 crore per annum for FMS Delhi and INR 2.70 crore per annum for IIM Ahmedabad.

FMS Delhi's MBA program costs INR 2.00 lakhs, while IIM Ahmedabad's PGP program costs INR 24.61 lakhs.

FMS Delhi and IIM are both academically rigorous institutions.

Ultimately, the decision of whether FMS Delhi or IIM is a better fit for you will depend on your individual circumstances and goals.

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