Is IIIT better than DTU for CSE?

IIIT and DTU are both top engineering colleges in India, and both offer excellent programs in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE).

IIIT is ranked 75 in the NIRF 2023 rankings for Engineering, while DTU is ranked 29.

IIIT's highest CSE package was INR 51.03 lakh, while DTU's was INR 64.23 lakh in 2023.

IIIT's CSE fees is INR 17 lakh, while DTU's CSE fees is INR 2.97 lakh to INR 6.06 lakh.

IIIT has a smaller campus and student body than DTU.

Based on the above factors, it is clear that DTU has a slight edge over IIIT in terms of NIRF ranking and highest package.

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