Is IIIT Hyderabad better than VIT for CSE?

IIIT Hyderabad and VIT are two of the most renowned institutions for pursuing a Computer Science Engineering (CSE) degree in India.

In 2023, IIIT Hyderabad was ranked 10th in the Engineering category, while VIT was ranked 17th.

In 2023, the highest package offered to an IIIT Hyderabad graduate was ₹75 lakhs, while the highest package offered to a VIT graduate was ₹65 lakhs.

The annual fees for IIIT Hyderabad are around ₹1.6 lakhs, while the annual fees for VIT are around ₹2.5 lakhs.

IIIT Hyderabad has a smaller faculty than VIT, but its faculty are highly qualified and experienced.

Overall, IIIT Hyderabad is a better choice for students who are interested in pursuing a career in computer science.

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