Is IIM Ahmedabad better than IIM Bangalore?

Both IIMs are giants, but who reigns supreme? Dive into the intense debate: Is IIM Ahmedabad truly better than IIM Bangalore?

IIM Ahmedabad reigns supreme in the NIRF 2023 ranking, claiming the coveted #1 position.

IIM Ahmedabad soars again with the highest reported domestic package of ₹69.5 LPA, while IIM Bangalore follows with an impressive ₹65.9 LPA.

IIM Ahmedabad charges a higher annual fee of ₹26.6 lakhs compared to IIM Bangalore's ₹24.5 lakhs.

IIM A excels in consulting placements, while IIM B dominates the tech scene.

Both IIMs offer world-class education and life-changing experiences.

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