Is IIT Bombay better than IIT Kanpur for CSE?

India has 23 top IITs, and out of them, 17 are run by the government.

IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur are both great institutions. Your decision between them relies on what you like and which branch you want to.

IIT Kanpur, which is ranked 4th in India, was started in 1959 and is famous for its excellent teachers and research centres.

IIT Bombay, ranked 3rd in India, was founded in 1958 and is always considered one of the best IITs.

When it comes to getting good jobs after graduation, IIT Bombay is better than IIT Kanpur. In fact, many people consider IIT Bombay to be the top IIT.

IIT Kanpur vs IIT Bombay: IIT Bombay is a much better college for computer science than IIT Kanpur.

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