Is ISB better than IIM?

ISB and IIM are two of India's most prestigious business schools, with a rich history and a reputation for producing top-notch management professionals.

ISB is consistently ranked higher than IIM in NIRF rankings, India's national ranking system for higher education institutions.

ISB graduates typically command higher salaries than IIM graduates. ISB Highest Package (2023): ₹40 lakhs IIM Highest Package (2023): ₹35.07 lakhs

ISB's fees are higher than IIM's fees. ISB Fees (2023): ₹27 lakhs IIM Fees (2023): ₹20 lakhs

ISB offers a more international curriculum than IIM, with a focus on global business practices and emerging markets.

The decision of whether ISB or IIM is a better fit for you depends on your individual goals and aspirations.

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