Is it enough to solve HC Verma for JEE?

H.C. Verma's book of Physics is a popular book among JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) aspirants.

HC Verma's book contains a moderate number of questions that are neither too easy nor too hard.

In HC Verma's book, there is an important theory, and it doesn't contain anything unnecessary Number of Questions but Quality Questions.

To get ready for JEE, you should have the Physics HC Verma along with your NCERT textbooks, and some practice test books

While HC Verma's Concepts of Physics is important, it alone is not good enough to achieve a high score in the JEE main exam.

H.C. Verma is enough to crack jee main exam. Combining NCERT with HC Verma's book can also boost your performance in JEE exams.

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