Is VIT Bhopal better than VIT Amravati for CSE?

Aspiring computer science engineers often face a tough decision: VIT Bhopal or VIT Amravati?

In 2023, VIT Bhopal's Engineering ranking stands at 59th, while VIT Amravati follows closely at 69th.

In 2023, a student from VIT Bhopal secured a staggering package of Rs. 47.10 lakh, while the highest at VIT Amravati reached Rs. 38.50 lakh.

Fees are similar across both campuses, with B.Tech. CSE ranging between Rs. 4.5 lakhs to Rs. 6 lakhs per semester.

Both campuses offer a top-notch CSE curriculum, adhering to VIT's high standards.

Choosing between VIT Bhopal and VIT Amravati for CSE is ultimately a personal decision.

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