JEE Mains 2024: Top Chemistry Books For JEE Mains Prep.

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY BY OP TANDON: If you want to get into a top university for an undergraduate engineering program, 'Concepts of Organic Chemistry for JEE' is the best book.

PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY BY VIPUL MEHTA: Wiley's Physical Chemistry book for JEE (Main & Advanced) focuses on improving your ability to solve problems when you're learning physical chemistry.

INORGANIC CHEMISTRY BY JD LEE: This book is the top choice for students who want to study Inorganic Chemistry deeply and grasp the basic ideas.

ADVANCED PROBLEMS IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY BY MS CHAUHAN: A top book for JEE preparation that thoroughly covers the subject and includes a section on specific topics at the end of the course.

MODERN APPROACH TO CHEMICAL CALCULATIONS BY RC MUKHERJEE: The main idea is to offer fast and easy solutions for students preparing for engineering and medical entrance exams.

CHEMISTRY 11 & 12th BY NCERT: The main books you need are the NCERT textbooks for 11th and 12th grade, and they are crucial because they form the basis for other books.

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