Last 30 Days Plan to Score 650+ | आर या पार | Things to follow in Last Days

The date of the NEET UG Exam 2024 is set for May 5, 2024.

Prioritize High Weightage Chapters: Focus on chapters that carry more weightage in the NEET exam.

Students must take multiple mock tests. This would assist them grasp the tendencies of the NEET UG exam paper.

NCERT books are regarded the foundation of NEET UG preparation.Concentrate on the NCERT questions and make sure you answer them thoroughly.

Most important topics for NEET UG 2024 1)Biology:   1.Reproduction             2.Genetics and Evolution 2)Physics:   1.Electrostatics             2.Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current 3)Chemistry: 1.Solid State 2.Electrochemistry 

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