Score 45 + out of 80 | Passing Marks Guaranteed | CBSE 12 Maths Exam

 The first and foremost step for maths exam to Take proper Notes during School and Tuition Classes.

 Ask a lot of Questions in your school this small thing will develop your understanding for CBSE maths exam.

 Manage your CBSE time table and dedicate at least two hours to learning and practising Maths every day.

 After you learn how to solve Maths problems, Practise a lot – solve as many CBSE Maths practice paper as you can.

 Recognise Your Strengths and Weaknesses and Solve these problems at the beginning of the CBSE maths exam.

 Students will be required to complete CBSE syllabus and previous year papers as much as possible.

 While preparing for the CBSE Maths exam students must learn these topics calculus, geometry and Algebra carries the maximum weightage.

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