Top 10 Chemistry Chapters to get 99 percentile in JEE 2024

In the highly competitive realm of JEE Main 2024, understanding the chapters with the most significant weightage is pivotal.

The NTA’s JEE Mains Reduced Syllabus 2024 makes it essential for candidates to identify the key chapters.

Chemistry underscores Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Equilibrium, and Organic Chemistry topics.

Chapters                                  Marks Transition Elements and  Coordinate Geometry               12 Periodic Table and  Representative Elements         12 Thermodynamics and  Gaseous State                            8

Atomic Structure                                         8 Chemical Bonding                                  8 Chemical and Ionic Equilibrium      8 Solid-State and Surface Chemistry 8

Nuclear Chemistry and Environment 8 Mole Concept 4 Redox Reaction 4

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