VITEEE 2024 Last 20 Days Strategy🔥How to Score 120+ Marks in VITEEE 2024? VIT Vellore CSE Cutoff

Here's a strategy to maximize your score in the last 20 days for VITEEE 2024.

Prioritize High Weightage Chapters: Focus on chapters that carry more weightage in the VITEEE exam.

Students must take multiple mock tests. This would assist them grasp the tendencies of the VITEEE exam paper.

Most important topics for VITEEE 2024 1.Physics: (1)Electrostatics           (2)Newton Law’s of Motion    2.Chemistry: (1)s, p, d and f-block Elements                 (2)Thermodynamics 3.Mathematics:(1)Area Under Curve                  (2)Matrices and Determinants

A review timeline should be included in the study plan to ensure that students do not miss any subjects during the VITEEE in 2024.

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