What are the courses offered by VIT Vellore in computer science?

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Vellore is among India's top engineering institutions in India.

VIT Vellore boasts great placements, with the highest salary reaching 1.02 crores. 

CSE with DS (data science): B.Tech in CSE (Data Science) is a 4-year program where students learn to use machine learning, algorithms, and math to get valuable info from raw data.

CSE with IT: VIT Vellore's CSE program is all about learning and improving how computers and software work together.

CSE with IOT: VIT Vellore offers a 4-year CSE(IoT) course. It helps students become pros at using smart devices to solve real-world issues by making devices communicate effectively.

VIT Vellore offered in computer science including Bioinformatics, Information Security, and Business Systems with TCS.  CSE in IoT, Data Science, Blockchain Technology, and Artificial Intelligence.

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