What is the average CSE placement package of IIT?

The IITs, or Indian Institutes of Technology, are important institutions made by a law to boost great education in India.

IITs professors and alumni make a big difference in India and around the world.

IIT education systems: Over the years, the IITs have created excellent educational systems with top-notch research and great facilities.

In 2022, the highest salary at IIT CSE Placement was INR 1.8 crore per year for Indian jobs and INR 2.1 crore per year for foreign jobs.

IIT average salary: In the 2022 IIT CSE placements, the average salary in India was 22.7 lakhs per year, and abroad, it was 60.9 lakhs per year.

When we look at the placements of computer science engineers at IITs, some IIT institutes in India offer them a yearly salary of up to 40 lakhs.

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