What is the time for Dhanteras puja?

Drik Panchang believes that Lakshmi Puja need to be performed during Pradosh Kaal on Dhanteras.

It begins after sundown and lasts for around two hours and twenty-four minutes.

Starting at 05:47 PM and ending at 07:43 PM on Dhanteras 2023, this auspicious puja will take place.

People can make purchases at any time from the start of Dhanteras till its conclusion because it is an extremely auspicious day.

On the other hand, the best time to purchase gold and silver is between 12:35 PM and 02:46 PM.

On November 10, consumers can also make purchases from 9:51 p.m. until 12:24 a.m. Additionally, this is a lucky time of year.

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