What's NEET  Dress Code for Male 2023?

To appear for the exam, male candidates must adhere to a number of rules and regulations established by the NTA, including the NEET 2023 dress code.

What is the dress code for NEET exam 2023?  Candidates must dress in light, half-sleeved attire without large buttons, brooches, badges, flowers, etc., along with a salwar or pair of trousers.

What hairstyle is allowed in NEET? Yes you can tie your hair. As far as I know hair bands or any sort of clips and accessories are not allowed.

Can you wear a black T shirt for NEET? NEET for dress code only light colours are accepted. Dark colours could be used for hiding any communication devices.

Is normal jeans allowed in NEET? On the day of the exam, it is recommended against wearing jeans.

Is black jeans allowed in NEET? Night pants are strictly prohibited in the NEET Dress Code.

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