Which chapters have more weightage in VITEEE?

VITEEE is a popular test for students who want to get into VIT University's different campuses and is organized by the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT).

To the VITEEE exam has five parts: Physics, Chemistry, either Mathematics or Biology, English, and Aptitude.

The VIT Entrance exam will include 125 questions in all, divided into Math or Biology (40 questions), Physics (35 questions), Chemistry (35 questions), Aptitude (10 questions), and English (5 questions).

Physics covers different topics in VITEEE, including Mechanics, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetism, Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Optics, and Atomic Physics etc.

VITEEE Chemistry Syllabus is Atomic Structure,Thermodynamics,Chemical Equilibrium,Chemical Kinetics,Electrochemistry,Coordination Chemistry,Solid State Chemistry,Isomerism in Organic Compounds,Alcohol and Ether etc.

VITEEE Syllabus in Math topics:Differential Equations,Matrices and Determinants,Quadratic Equations,Vector Algebra,Probability,Points and Straight Lines,Definite Integration,Functions,Applications of Derivatives etc.

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