CBSE Class 12th Preparation Tips

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) releases the 12th and 11th important dates on its official website. The schedule includes subject codes, centers, exam dates, and timings. Students from all three branches appeared for English as their first exam. CBSE has offered a 4-5-day gap between their subjects. For biology, PCB students get 15 days of preparation time. In a similar manner, an average of 4-5 days is given to the commerce and arts streams as well. Many students are appearing for the 12th grade boards, and they must prepare and complete their CBSE syllabus. Students use many strategies and smart schedules to strengthen their preparations. In this article, we will discuss some effective preparation strategies that can enhance readiness for the exam:

  1. Know the exam pattern: Knowing about the exam structure—the marking scheme for the topics, the number of questions, the number of sections, and the time allotted for each subject—is important for preparation.
  2. Revision of topics: Wise revision is very important. It is essential to reinforce your strong topics and consolidate those topics rather than overloading the mind with new information.
  3. Practice time management: Practicing the CBSE sample test paper will not only help in learning time management but also in recognizing your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Previous-year papers: Solving previous-year CBSE papers will give students an understanding of the type of questions and exam pattern. This will also help in learning time management and knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses.
  5. Important topics: Giving priority to important topics can be very beneficial, as it can increase the chances of scoring higher in an exam.
  6. Overall well-being: It is important to stay healthy during our exam times. According to researchers, it is recommended to take short intervals of breaks during study sessions, as it will help in avoiding burnout and increase focus and retention.
  7. Scheduling study sessions: Planning study time can help you utilize and organize your time in a better way. Here are a few suggestions, which you can incorporate into your schedule:
  • Focusing on one major and one minor subject each day
  • First, give priority to important topics.
  • Analyzing your sample paper.
  • To improve your scores, focus on weak areas and practice more.
  • Every alternate day, practice a full sample or previous-year test paper with the timer on.
  • After every practice test, analyze it.
  • Revise key points daily.
  • The night before the exam, review the notes and summary.
  • Do not start any new topics just before or the night before the exam.
  • The night before the exam, keep the exam-related documents like the admit card, photograph, photo ID proof (Aadhar card, pan card, voter ID, etc.), geometry box, transparent water bottle, sanitizer, and analog watch. Stay calm and relaxed.
  • Stay calm and relaxed. The night before the exam, get sound sleep and eat well so that you are ready to appear for your board’s exam.

This article discussed some intensive strategies that can increase your chances of scoring 90 or higher in your 12th CBSE board’s exam. It is advisable to make the most of the remaining days through the above-mentioned strategies, which can have a significant impact on your preparations.