Top 10 Machine Learning Courses

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Top 10 Machine Learning Courses: Machine Learning Carrier & Jobs

Top 10 Machine Learning Courses

Have you ever wanted to learn more about machine learning, but you weren’t sure where to start? Look no further! In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 10 machine learning courses available online. So you can finally start taking that first step towards becoming an expert in the field. From beginner-level classes to more advanced ones. Find out which course will best suit your needs and get ready to embark on your journey into the world of machine learning!

Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field of computer science that deals with the design and development of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. It is a subset of artificial intelligence (AI) and has been growing in popularity in recent years as more and more businesses look to harness its predictive power.

There are many different types of machine learning, but some of the most common are supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning.

Supervised Learning: 

Supervised learning algorithms are given a set of training data which they use to learn how to make predictions.

Unsupervised Learning:

Unsupervised learning algorithms are given data but not told what to do with it. They have to figure out for themselves what patterns exist in the data.

Reinforcement Learning: 

Reinforcement learning algorithms interact with an environment in order to learn how to maximize their reward.

There are many different ways to approach machine learning. But one of the most important things is having good quality data. Without accurate and representative data. It will be very difficult for your machine learning algorithm to learn anything useful.

 Once you have collected your data, you will need to preprocess it before feeding it into your algorithm. This step is important because it ensures that your data is clean and ready for analysis.

Once you have collected and preprocessed your data, you can begin training your machine learning algorithm. This process involves feeding your algorithm the training data and tweaking the settings until the algorithm produces good results. After your algorithm has been trained.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

Artificial IntelligenceMachine learning
Artificial intelligence is a technology which enables a machine to simulate human behavior.Machine learning is a subset of AI which allows a machine to automatically learn from past data without programming explicitly.
The goal of AI is to make a smart computer system like humans to solve complex problems.The goal of ML is to allow machines to learn from data so that they can give accurate output.
In AI, we make intelligent systems to perform any task like a human.In ML, we teach machines with data to perform a particular task and give an accurate result.
Machine learning and deep learning are the two main subsets of AI.Deep learning is a main subset of machine learning.
AI has a very wide range of scope.Machine learning has a limited scope.
AI is working to create an intelligent system which can perform various complex tasks.Machine learning is working to create machines that can perform only those specific tasks for which they are trained.
AI system is concerned about maximizing the chances of success.Machine learning is mainly concerned about accuracy and patterns.
The main applications of AI are Siri, customer support using catboats, Expert System, Online game playing, intelligent humanoid robot, etc.The main applications of machine learning are Online recommender systemGoogle search algorithmsFacebook auto friend tagging suggestions, etc.
On the basis of capabilities, AI can be divided into three types, which are, Weak AIGeneral AI, and Strong AI.Machine learning can also be divided into mainly three types that are Supervised learningUnsupervised learning, and Reinforcement learning.
It includes learning, reasoning, and self-correction.It includes learning and self-correction when introduced with new data.
AI completely deals with Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data.Machine learning deals with Structured and semi-structured data.

Top 10 Machine Learning Courses (University & Colleges)

  1. D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Akurdi
  2. Carnegie Mellon University Machine Learning
  3. Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chitkara University, Chandigarh
  4. University of California, Berkeley Machine Learning
  5. Jain Deemed-to-be University, Bangalore
  6. Cornell University Machine Learning
  7. Chandigarh University (CU)
  8. Brown University Deep learning for visual recognition
  9. University of Washington Neural networks for machine learning
  10. Johns Hopkins University Data-driven object detection

Top 10 Machine Learning Online Courses

Top 10 Machine Learning Courses

In this section, we will take a look at the top 10 online machine learning courses. These are courses that are available online and can be taken at your own pace. They cover a variety of topics, from the basics of machine learning to more advanced topics.

Course NamePlatformFee (in INR)
Machine LearningCourseraRs. 4015
Deep Learning SpecializationCourseraRs. 4015
Machine Learning Crash CoursesGoogle AIFree
Machine Learning with PythonCourseraRs. 4015
Machine LearningEDXFree
Machine Learning Crash Course with TensorFlow API’sGoogleFree
Machine Learning with PythonIBMRs. 4015
Python for Data Science and Machine Learning BootcampUdemyRs. 3,499
Introduction to Machine Learning in ProductionDeepLearning.AIRs. 4,015
Machine Learning A-Z: Hands-On Python & R in Data ScienceUdemyRs. 389

Machine Learning Career & Jobs

The median salary for a machine learning engineer is $102,000 per year, with the highest salaries going to those with experience and expertise in the field. There are many different job titles within the machine learning field, such as data scientist or big data engineer, that come with their own unique sets of responsibilities and required skills.

Data scientists, for example, are responsible for developing and testing algorithms that can learn from data. While Big Data engineers build the systems that run these algorithms. No matter what position you hold within the field of machine learning, your career will be exciting, challenging, and well-paid.

RoleSalary (Annually)
Data ScientistRs. 7,00,000
Research ScientistRs. 7,50,000
Director of AnalyticsRs. 30,00,000
Computer ScientistRs. 18,00,000
StatisticianRs. 5,00,000
Machine Learning EngineerRs. 6,90,000
Data EngineerRs. 8,50,000
Algorithm EngineerRs. 7,00,000
Computer Vision EngineerRs. 5,50,000


A: Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence that deals with the construction and study of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data.

A: There are many benefits to taking a machine learning course, including gaining skills that can be used in various fields such as data science, improving your employability, and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology.


A: Some of the top machine learning courses available include Andrew Ng’s Coursera course, Udacity’s Intro to Machine Learning nanodegree program, and Stanford University’s Machine Learning course.


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