Why Pursuing an MBA Outshines Other Master’s Degrees?

Why Pursuing an MBA Outshines Other Master’s Degrees?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is more than just a degree, it provides a diverse understanding of business fundamentals. From finance and marketing to operations and strategy, students study diverse disciplines, gaining complete insights into how business works.

As per the latest report by AISHE, the total no. of MBA students enrolled is 646350. Well, the number is huge and it’s growing every year. Looking at the data shared by the AISHE report MBA is the third most enrolled PG course in India after MA and MSc.

Looking at the current market trend job prospects and demand for MBA candidates are greater compared to other master’s degrees. Our aim with the article is to let you know and justify and justify “why an MBA is better than any other Master’s Degree?”

Why Pursuing an MBA Outshines Other Master’s Degrees?

A brief about an MBA degree

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is a prestigious postgraduate degree worldwide. First introduced by Harvard University Graduate School of Administration in 1908 (now Harvard Business School), the MBA has become a global standard for business education. It offers a comprehensive curriculum covering areas such as finance, marketing, operations, and strategy. MBA programs help in developing critical thinking, leadership skills, and networking abilities.

In India, we have 3 types of MBA degrees.

  • 2 year Full-time MBA degree
  • 1 year full-time MBA degree
  • Executive MBA part-time

Well, the choice of selecting the degree from the above three depends on your present scenario of education and experience. The outcome of excellence will outperform other degrees if you embark on an MBA journey.

Top 7 reason MBA is better than other degrees

1.   Higher employability of MBA graduates

MBA graduates can take leadership roles and can increase their business potential through their skills and knowledge. All types of Industries either IT, finance, consulting, manufacturing etc. recruit potential MBA candidate to streamline their organization strategy and improve operations. They can be hired in different positions with different responsibilities where they could be handling, Human Resources, Finance, marketing, supply chain and operations, business development etc.

2.   Higher Salary Potential

The salary an MBA graduate gets has no limits. The starting salary on average can range between 5 LPA to 30 LPA. If you are passing out from one of the top B-Schools in India salary package of above 20 LPA is pretty common. Hikes and promotions are more prevalent than other degrees, and the potential to reach the top designation is fairly common among MBA graduates.

3.   MBA is open to all

An MBA degree is accessible to individuals from diverse educational backgrounds, not limited to BBA graduates. Well, BBA graduates are more aligned due to their exposure to business concepts still, you will find engineers, doctors, Fashion students, BA students, BSc Students and many more pursuing an MBA degree. The reason could be either honing entrepreneurship skills, increasing networks, or working in MNCs.

4.   Global Perspective

We all know business is global. An MBA graduate always has the opportunity to get jobs overseas and mostly you will see them working in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. Whether you study MBA in India or overseas opportunities will always knock on the door. The curriculum is designed to understand the market dynamics and business trends worldwide hence the transferable skills make an MBA graduate be recruited anywhere in the world.

5.   Alumni Network

The growth in your career will highly depend on your connections for support, mentorship and career opportunities. While pursuing an MBA you can see the universities encouraging in building a very extensive alumni network which cannot be seen in any other degrees. The Alumni network is the lifelong support system for MBA graduates, it gives access to highly influential professionals in the industries ultimately enriching personal and professional journey.

6.   Entrepreneurship

MBA is the only degree in the world that will help and encourage you to work on entrepreneurship. The MBA curriculum equips you with the necessary knowledge to hone your leadership skills, understand how the business works, visualization of market and develop your networking. If you are into a family business or thinking of starting your own there is no other degree apart from MBA to fulfil your dream.

7.   High-paying Government Jobs

Well, you will see government jobs in other degrees as well. But the MBA outshines again here with the administrative job requirement and the pay scale compared to other degree holders. Almost all government firms whether in finance, insurance, or manufacturing recruit management people for administrative jobs with handsome remuneration.


With an abundance of career options available in the market, an informed decision is a must to succeed in your career.  We can conclude with the benefits of an MBA degree but again it boils down to individual interest in specific career fields. We wish all MBA students to outshine like their degree does.

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