CBSE Board Exam 2024: Class 12th Exam Analysis Here | PDF

Class 12 Computer Science Paper Analysis 2024:

The CBSE Class 12 Computer Science exam for 2024 has concluded, and analysis suggests a well-balanced paper catering to students who prepared comprehensively. Overall difficulty remained moderate, with questions staying true to the prescribed syllabus. While some students found the paper lengthy, a focus on time management through mock tests could have helped.

Class 12 Accountancy Paper Analysis 2024:

Overall, the 2024 Class 12th Accountancy paper was considered well-balanced by students. The difficulty level leaned towards moderate, and the questions stayed true to the prescribed syllabus. This meant a focus on core areas like Partnership Accounts, Company Accounts, and Final Accounts Analysis. The paper included a healthy mix of theoretical questions testing conceptual understanding and practical problems requiring application of knowledge. Students who diligently practiced with mock tests and thoroughly revised the course content generally found the paper manageable.

Class 12 Political Science Paper Analysis 2024:

The dust has settled on the CBSE Class 12 Political Science exam, and initial reports suggest a sigh of relief for most students. Experts are calling the paper moderately difficult, with a good mix of factual and conceptual questions. This aligns with the format outlined in the official CBSE sample paper.

Finding an official answer key might be tricky at this stage, but analysis suggests the paper heavily drew from the prescribed NCERT syllabus. Stay tuned for further updates and expert reviews as they become available.

Class 12th Biology Paper Analysis 2024:

The 2024 CBSE Class 12 Biology test is now available! Many kids appear to be relieved, according to early accounts. According to experts, the paper is well-rounded and generally doable, with questions that follow the official syllabus.

Due to its ease of use and high score, Section A, which includes multiple-choice questions and assertion-reasoning questions, appears to be the fan favorite. While some felt that the paper was too long, those who used NCERT books as a good preparation and mock tests to learn time management should do well.

Class 12th Economics Paper Analysis 2024:

At last, the class of 2024 can exhale with relief! The Economics paper’s analysis points to the need for a fair test that rewards students who are well-prepared. The questions were a decent combination of theoretical and application-based, making the overall difficulty level moderate. A balanced covering of macroeconomics and Indian economic development ensured that every topic covered in the course was examined. Pupils who grasped the ideas and had experience using them in practical settings probably did well.

CBSE Class 12 Psychology Paper Analysis 2024:

The wait is over for Class 12 Psychology students! While the official analysis from the CBSE is yet to release, initial reports suggest a well-balanced paper covering the entire syllabus. There seems to be a focus on core concepts with a mix of short answer, long answer, and case study questions. Students who prepared comprehensively shouldn’t find the difficulty level overwhelming. Stay tuned for further updates and detailed analysis as they become available.

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Paper Analysis 2024:

The CBSE Class 12 Physical Education exam seems to have been a sigh of relief for students. Feedback suggests the overall difficulty level was easy to moderate. This year’s paper followed the prescribed syllabus and NCERT textbooks closely, making it familiar territory for prepared students. Sections with MCQs and very short answers were particularly scoring, while the longer answer sections required good understanding of concepts but weren’t phrased in a complex manner. Overall, students who studied diligently should find themselves rewarded with good marks.

CBSE Class 12 Maths Paper Analysis 2024

The much-awaited CBSE Class 12 Maths exam is finally over, and students are eager to understand the paper’s difficulty level. Fret no more! We’ve compiled expert insights and student feedback to bring you a breakdown of the 2024 Maths paper.

Experts rate the 2024 Class 12 Maths paper as moderate with a strong focus on Calculus. While manageable overall, some length and tricky MCQs challenged students. Time management and strong conceptual understanding were key, with case studies offering a chance to shine.

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CBSE Class 12 Paper Analysis: Physics Surprises Students!

The CBSE Class XII exam process is in operation; students had a Physics to handle. Although this year’s essay stirred quite a few mixed feelings, there are some people who still buried their heads in the sand. Now we look into details to figure it out.

Overall Difficulty: The students complained about their Physics paper being more difficult than they previously thought. Most branded it as tedious and full of enquiries which were hard to respond to.

Section-wise Breakdown:

MCQs and Case Studies: Among all, grappling with these sections was the most challenging. Pupils claimed the open-ended ones as more fraudulent and the case-study questions called for greater depth of understanding.
SA/LA: It’s mix of it. The numerical section was where a large-scale divide took place. For some, it was a well-balanced part but for others it was not as straightforward as they expected due to some difficulties they experienced. The better news is that there were atleast some questions that allowed us to breathe, like those worth 5 marks each.
Comparison with Sample Paper & Previous Years: To the student’s surprise, the paper wasn’t only more difficult than the sample paper but, also more difficult than the previous year’s exam.

Expert Views: And teachers are weighing in with it as well. Different students note the fact that they exhibition a moderate difficulty but at the same time, others highlight the length and the presence of strange types of questions.

The Takeaway: The scope this year’s Physics paper covered was not limited to knowledge, but also to analyzing given situations, connecting various concepts and problem solving as well. For some, it could be hard to score high but a strategic embedding could still contribute to a good performance.

Take into account, the report presented here is preliminary. Wait for expert reviews, since there will be more insights in the future.

A: You can access a comprehensive analysis of the CBSE Class 12th Board Exam 2024 on our website. We have compiled a detailed PDF document providing insights into the exam patterns, difficulty levels, and subject-wise performance trends.

A: The CBSE Class 12th Exam Analysis PDF serves as a valuable resource for students preparing for future exams by offering a thorough understanding of question patterns, important topics, and areas where students commonly face challenges. It acts as a strategic guide for effective preparation.

A: The CBSE Class 12th Exam Analysis PDF highlights any significant changes in the exam pattern for 2024. This includes modifications in question formats, weightage distribution, or any other alterations made by the CBSE board to help students stay updated and adapt their preparation strategies accordingly.

A: Yes, the PDF provides detailed subject-wise performance trends, including the average scores, difficulty levels, and common challenges faced by students in each subject. This information is crucial for students to identify areas that require more attention during their preparation.

A: The CBSE Class 12th Exam Analysis PDF is regularly updated to incorporate the latest data and trends. You can download the most recent version from our website, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date information to enhance your exam preparation.


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