Class 12 MATHS Last 2 days strategy to Score 80/80? in Boards 2024 🔥| Not Studied Anything?

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Class 12 Maths: Last Minute Campaign for Maths JAAvIK (80+ in Board 2024 Stress-Free!)

Board exams closing in and Maths has remained factually the same?Don’t panic! The battle plan is 2 days long and it is directed towards conquering the written exam and getting a great score above 80%.

Day 1: Conquer High -Aspect- chapters

Target the heavy hitters: Determine which sections appear the most over the course of the syllabus. Target these out at the start – Integration, Differentiation, for example are among them.

Befriend the NCERT: NCERT, your textbook, hang on.It’s your secret weapon! Return to memory the main points, formulas, and worked examples.

Practice, don’t panic: Search for previous years’ board sample papers from several sources such as websites and blogs. Work on these typical tricky questions from these weight-age chapters. As such, instead of trying to memorize the whole strategy, concentrate on how it works more than the exact solutions.

Day 2: Sharp is the Sword (And, No Doubt, this will Improve your Memory!).

Formula Frenzy: Write a formulary sheet, which outlines all the necessary formulae for you to work on Day 1. Keep on revising and polishing; the more you revise, the better the result will be.

Master the Mini-Review: Within a short time, highlight your notes or textbooks for majors such as derivations, proofs, and theorems that are often covered on exams.

Sample Paper Sprint: To get a thorough feel for the actual test, take a test timed and complete under timed conditions. Recreate the ambience of the test atmosphere as much possible. This is a great method for you to manage exam anxiety, and to pinpoint the areas that need some additional revision at the end.

Bonus Tip: Take a Rest, Be Calm!

Rest for the Best: Try to have the best night’s sleep possible before the exam. The role of a rested mind in the process of making smarter decisions cannot be overemphasized.

Stay Positive: ## Our team can help you effectively accomplish your project through carefully crafted writing. Spend your free time on the topics that you now understand, instead save exam until you have am assurance in yourself.

Keep in mind — a 20% decrease is more than what you can achieve! Taking a pinch of the time left and a well-thought-out plan, there is a possibility to break all the academic records in Maths.Good luck!

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A: While it’s challenging, it’s not impossible. Focus on high-weightage topics, previous years’ question papers, and key formulas. Prioritize topics like calculus, algebra, and vectors, and practice solving sample papers for better time management.

A: Divide your time wisely among different chapters based on their weightage. Spend more time on chapters carrying higher marks. Skim through the formulas, theorems, and solve a few representative problems from each chapter. Identify and work on your weaker areas.

A: Create a timetable with dedicated slots for each chapter. Revise key concepts, theorems, and formulae. Solve a few problems from each category and practice time management. Stay calm, focus on understanding the question patterns, and aim for accuracy in solving problems.

A: Prioritize chapters based on their weightage, but don’t entirely skip challenging topics. Allocate some time to at least grasp the basic concepts and attempt a few problems. Even partial knowledge might fetch you some marks. Focus more on chapters where you are more comfortable to ensure a solid score.

A: Take short breaks between study sessions to relax your mind. Stay hydrated and get adequate sleep. Trust the preparation you’ve done so far and avoid attempting to learn entirely new topics. Positive visualization and deep breathing exercises can help in managing stress. Remember, confidence is key during exams.


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